What kitchen styles do you produce?
We specialise in kitchens made in a timeless Shaker-style.?

How can I obtain The Kitchen Planner? from Cupboards & Goods, and am I obliged to buy a kitchen from you at the same time?
The Kitchen Planner? is available to anyone via our webshop. There is no obligation to buy a kitchen from us. The cost of the Kitchen Planner? is fully refunded upon order of a kitchen from us.

Can I return my kitchen cupboards if I don’t like them?
Since every cupboard from us is made to order in a colour specified by you, you cannot return them.

Are your cupboards hand painted?
No. Our cupboards are all spray painted. If you prefer a hand-painted finish, adding a final coat by hand after the kitchen is installed is always an option. Our paints are available through Engelska Tapetmagasinet in Gothenburg.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes. We currently have a showroom in Gothenburg, Sweden, where a Cupboards & Goods kitchen will be installed in fall 2020. Please visit us at Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3, Gothenburg.


Can I get a quote for a new kitchen?
No. We do not send out individual quotes. As you start shopping for your new kitchen in our webshop, your shopping cart will be updated in real-time and will always show the total value of your order.

When will I receive my invoice?
You will receive an initial invoice, covering 50% of the total value, once we have checked and confirmed your order. A final invoice, covering the final 50% of the total value, will be sent to you in the time leading up to the shipment of your kitchen.

When will I receive the invoice for my stone worktop?
You will be invoiced once the measurements for the template have been taken.


What does ‘pre-assembled kitchen units’ actually mean?
It means that the kitchen units arrive at your door fully assembled, painted and ready to lift into place.

Are the cupboards suitable for use in bathrooms?
Yes. Our cupboards lend themselves well to being installed in bathrooms. However, they should not be installed where they will be in frequent contact with water, such as next to a shower.

Is it possible to order cupboards with hinges in a different finish?
Yes, you can. Our cupboards come with brass hinges as standard, but if you would prefer chrome hinges, please indicate this at the final checkout stage.

?Why is it not possible to order cupboards with custom measurements?
Our cupboards come in a range of standard sizes that make our kitchens very close to bespoke at a reasonable price. For fully bespoke kitchens, our sister company Kitchen & Beyond can assist you.


Why can’t I order a stone worktop directly on your website?
Making cuts in stone requires special equipment and is a delicate process. Each kitchen layout is unique and consequently your worktop will be the same. We want to guarantee that your stone worktop fits perfectly. Therefore, if you would like to fit your new kitchen with stone worktops, we will use a photograph that you are requested to email to us upon ordering your kitchen, to ascertain the amount and type of cuts and follow up with an accurate quote.

How much overhang would be required for a stone worktop?
For an attractive look, allow 10mm to 20mm of overhang.?

What is included in the estimated stone worktop price per metre, advertised on the website?
The price includes cutting the front edge profile. As every kitchen is different, additional cuts and holes will be priced in your final quote.

Is it possible to measure and create a template for a stone worktop ahead of the kitchen base cupboards being installed?
No. The base cupboards must be installed and any appliances to be built into the worktop, along with taps and sinks, must be available in order to enable the stonemasons to create an accurate template.

What should I do if I need a stone worktop cut to accommodate an undermounted sink?
For a sink to be undermounted, you need to make sure that it is available at the Steny stonemasons before they begin cutting your worktop. If you can’t deliver it in person, please arrange to have it delivered to your local Steny dealer. The delivery must be clearly marked with your name and order number.

Why do the stonemasons need to send someone out to measure before making a template?
All cuts and holes necessary to accommodate appliances, sinks, taps and plumbing must be included to a very exacting standard on the template.

How long will it be before I receive my worktop?
A typical lead time is approximately ten working days after the templates have been made.


Do you install the kitchens as well?
No, we do not. If you do not wish to install the kitchen yourself, we recommend contacting a professional builder or kitchen fitter.

How difficult is it to install a kitchen from Cupboards & Goods?
It all depends on how practically minded you are. Only basic tools such as a hammer, spanners and Phillips screwdrivers are needed, along with measuring tools, patience and precision.

What is the ideal skirting board height if I would like to create a built-in look for my base cupboards?
A 120 mm skirting board is ideal, but anything between 100mm and 144mm will work aesthetically and will not obstruct the cupboard doors.

Can I fill the joins between the cupboards for a smooth finish?
Yes, you can, but it will require you to sand and paint the surface yourself after installation.


What are the kitchen units from Cupboards & Goods made from?
Our kitchen bases are all made from a solid core of laminated pine and alder veneer in order to reduce climate-induced natural movement of the wood material. The rails and stiles that form the frame of the cabinet doors are made of solid alder. The centre panels are made of high-grade MDF in order to minimise any movement and to prevent warping. The drawers are made from solid oak, and the sides are dove-tailed together for a strong joint that also displays our level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Are the kitchen units from Cupboards & Goods painted and sealed when they arrive at my home?
Yes. They arrive painted in the colour you specified in your order.?

What are the paint options for your kitchen units?
All of our kitchen units are treated with paint from Little Greene, a British paint company who have been making environmentally friendly and durable paints since 1773.?

Can I order my kitchen cupboards in a different colour than what you currently offer?
Currently we can only produce kitchen cupboards in the colours that you find available on our website.

Where can I buy the paints that you use for your kitchen furniture?
All of our paints are made by Little Greene and are available through Engelska Tapetmagasinet in Gothenburg. They can also help you with wall paint in the same colours.?

Appliances and Hardware

Can I order worktops, taps and hardware from external parties to go with the kitchens from Cupboards & Goods?
Yes, of course. You are free to choose and fit any such items to your Cupboards & Goods kitchen.?

What extractor fans can be integrated into your fan cupboards?
We recommend Emir from Fj?r?skupan, but other extractor fans work as well. Just be sure to control the measurements.

What refrigerators and freezers can be built into your cupboards?
As long as your appliances are designed to be built-in units and their dimensions are compatible with our cupboards, they will fit. Please contact us if you need help, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.?


What is a typical lead time when ordering a kitchen from Cupboards & Goods?
It normally takes eight weeks from final order approval to have your new kitchen ready for shipment.

How much does the shipment of my new kitchen cost?
Since every kitchen that we make is unique, the cost of shipping will vary from customer to customer. We are happy to assist you with a shipping quote from a forwarder that covers your destination.

Can I collect my new kitchen at the factory?
Yes you certainly can. We will notify you some time in advance before your new kitchen is ready for shipment, and decide on a convenient date and time for you to come and collect the goods.

Do you ship abroad?

Pleas send all inquiries regarding international shipping to marcus@www.joyget.cn

Taps and Sinks

What size would you recommend for an additional sink, next to the stove for instance?
For such an application we would recommend a sink with a minimum width of approximately 400mm.